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Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. (Samuel Becket)

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8/1995       Software for Scalable Parallel Computers.  (PDF, 8.2 MB) Keynote presentation at IEEE Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing, Oct 1995. (This is old stuff, but a comparison to the 5/06 talk will show that while petaflops replaced teraflops, software has not made much progress.)

2/2002      A Manifesto for High Performance Computing Research. (PDF, 0.75M) Informal talk given at PIM meeting, Bodega Bay, CA

5/2002      Bayesian Learning, Induction and Randomness. (PDF, 1.2M) Talk at workshop in honor of Prof. Eli Shamir, Jerusalem, Israel

8/2002      Computer Science Research. (PDF, 1.8M) Talk at CS Research Seminar, UIUC

11/2003    Productivity in HPC. (PDF, 1.2M) Short presentation at SC03.

11/2004    Getting Up to Speed: The Future of Supercomputing. (PDF, 350 KB) Presentation on NAS report given at SC04

09/2005    Automatic Tuning of Matrix Multiplication on Graphics Hardware. (PDF, 245 KB). Paper presented at PACT05

09/2005    A Near Memory Processor for Vector, Streaming and Bit Manipulations Workloads (PDF,  285 KB). Paper presented at P=ac2 2005 conference

09/2005    On the Evolution of Communication in Parallel Systems (PDF, 540 KB). Keynote presentation at Cluster 2005 conference.

09/2005    Temporal and Spatial Locality (PDF, 205 KB).

02/2006    Pattern for High Performance Computing (PDF, 330 KB). Presented at Dagstuhl workshop on Petascale Computing.

03/2006    Languages for High Performance Computing  (PDF, 540 KB). Presented at SOSP10.

05/2006    Software for Petascale Computing (PDF, 419KB). Presented at NCSA Workshop on Petascale Computing and at Xian NPU, China.

09/2006    Programming Languages for High Performance Computing (PDF, 290KB). Presented at UIUC (also presented, in part at UIC and Purdue)

04/2007    Performance Tuning for Frequent Item Mining (PDF, 191KB). Presented at ICDE 2007

10/2007   Oportunities for XXL Dataming (PDF, 463 KB). Presented at NGDM Workshop 2007

10/2007   Parallel Programming Patterns Old work on patterns in HPC. Very partial, and somewhat disorganized.

4/2008     Programming Models for Supercomputing in the Multicore Era (PDF, 416 KB), Presented at Salishen Workshop 2008.

5/2008    CS, Informatics and all that: A Short Introduction to I3 (PDF,  660 KB). Presented at NCWIT Meeting 2008.

10/2008   Computer & Information Science & Engineering -- What's All This? (PDF, 824 KB). Presented at University of Indiana DLS; earlier versions presented at US-China CS Summit (9/08) and NCWIT meeting (5/08)

8/2008    Computer & Information Science & Engineering: Quo Vadimus (PDF, 365KB) Draft of paper on the present and future of CISE as a discipline. 

2/2009    Multicore and Parallel Programming: Is the Sky Falling?  CCC Blog

2/2009    Must Parallel Programming be Hard? (PDF, 1.5MB). Presented at Northeastern University DLS.

3/2009     Is Parallel Programming Really Hard? (PDF 1.7 MB) ASPLOS Workshop on Directions in Multicore Programming Education.

10/2009   Scalable Shared Memory Programming (PDF, 960KB) PGAS Workshop

10/2009   Software at Petascale and Exascale (PDF, 3.5MB) Workshop on Pervasive Algorithms in High Performance Computing

4/2010     Community Informatics: The Next 50 Years (PDF, 1 MB) Workshop on 50 Years of Public Computing at Illinois

4/2010     Exascale: The Last Rehersal Before the Post Moore Era (PDF, 2.1 MB) Presented at NSF.

6/2011 A video recording of same talk, given at 1st Technion Computing Engineering Conference

5/2013 Resilience at Exascale (PDF, 1.4 MB) Keynote, Condor Workshop.

5/2013 Programming Models for High-Performance Computing (PDF, 717 KB) Keynote, CCGrid'13.

6/2014 Supercomputing: The Coming decade (PDF, 3.1 MB) Keynote, ICS 2014